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The Fox Foundation awards grants to not-for-profit community organizations that strive to enhance the lives of families, children and companion animals.

Our awards are used to target homelessness, hunger, literacy, education, family values and animal welfare.

Grant applications are accepted throughout the year.  Application review and funding decisions occur at three Board of Director meetings (Spring, Summer and Fall).  

To request funding, please start with our Grant Application Form. We prefer that the grant application and all attachments be submitted in electronic form via email to: and to  

Please follow these submission guidelines.  Incomplete submissions will result in delayed consideration.  

  • Submit the grant application document in word format.  This form must be completed for all applications.

  • Include the organization name in the title of each individual document.  

  • Submit all attachments as separate documents (i.e., not as a merged document) 

Thank you.  

Seymour Fox Memorial Foundation – guidelines for prospective grantees

·      Applications will be considered upon the receipt of all required documents, including the standard application form.  (please see website)   Supporting documents should be submitted as attachments and not merged with the application form.   

·      Applications should be received well in advance of Foundation BOD meetings in order to be placed on the meeting agenda.  Please contact the Foundation or see the website to confirm scheduled meeting dates.  Last-minute applications (e.g., less than two weeks before a scheduled meeting) may be considered, at the discretion of the Foundation, if compelling reasons support the request. 

·      Successful programs associated with previous awards from the Foundation may enhance the review of new applications, but do not guarantee the approval of new applications.  There are no guarantees of continuing support unless this is specified in an approved application. 

·      If applications are not funded in a specific calendar year, updated re-applications must be submitted to initiate a new review process. 

·      Grantees are urged to refrain from using the term “partnership” when recognizing Foundation support.  This term has legal connotations that are not representative of the grantor-grantee relationship. 

·      All grant applications from 501(c)(3) organizations will be reviewed, but the Foundation is focused primarily on providing support for initiatives that benefit people and animals in need in the greater Capital Region.  Programs that directly impact underprivileged and challenged children, students and families are preferred. 


Fox Foundation Grantees